Food For Me Is Gluten Free



This is Sally's first book based on two of her children who have coeliac disease. Sally is also a qualified professional counsellor. For information about telephone counselling following a diagnosis of coeliac disease please refer to the 'Counselling' tab or call 0416158118





Food For Me Is Gluten Free is an upbeat children's picture book about coeliac disease (celiac disease) : what it is, managing the gluten free diet, and how great coeliacs feel on the gluten free diet. Sally's book Food For Me Is Gluten Free touches on the highs and lows of being a coeliac (celiac) and reveals a secret that everyone needs to know!

The delightful and uplifting story and illustrations will engage coeliac (celiac) children, their friends, relatives, health professionals and educators alike. Food For Me Is Gluten Free has become a sought after favourite. Sally, an author, counsellor, educator and speaker, was inspired by her children's miraculous transformation on a gluten free diet. Sally wanted to share the simple truth that discovering you are a coeliac can be life changing!

From an educational perspective, Food For Me Is Gluten Free has many links to curriculum both Pre-School (Kindergartens/ Childcare Centres/Family Day Care), and Primary School. The book could be incorporated into multiple themes including Me, My Family, My Community, Food, Needs Versus Wants, Healthy Bodies and Similarities and Differences.

Food For Me Is Gluten Free is about inclusiveness, so would be a useful resource to have in a school library or public library for children with any type of special need ranging from food allergies to an autism spectrum disorderFrom a health perspective, Food For Me Is Gluten Free is a valuable resource for anyone working in the fields of health, medicine (conventional and complementary), diet/nutrition and childhood development.

Food For Me Is Gluten Free is also simply an enjoyable story which just happens to educate the reader about a condition at the same time, so would be a worthwhile addition to any child's bookshelf!