Food For Me Must Be Nut Free


This delightful story educates, entertains and inspires.  It has been written for children with nut allergies/anaphylaxis, for educators, and for anybody responsible for, or in contact with, children who have nut allergies.   


Sally Learey is an established children's author, educator, presenter and keynote speaker.  Sally's nephew, Ben, has an anaphylactic reaction to cashews, and a close friend's daughter, Sarah, is allergic to peanuts.

This colourful children's book is the second in the "Food For Me" series, following on from her first popular picture book "Food For Me Is Gluten Free". 

About the book: "Zac and Tess have nut allergies. Find out what happens to them if they eat nuts and how they can stay safe and healthy. See what fun they have doing the things they love..... Another gentle, enlightening story by Sally Learey, cleverly written and illustrated with simplicity, charm and a touch of humour."